Texas Dog Fest attendees/patrons must read these policies before attending the event.

  1. There are no refunds of any kind for any reason on ticket purchases.
  2. Texas Dog Fest reserves the right to evict any patron.
  3. Texas Dog Fest and Eventtex are not responsible if anyone is bitten, scratched, or jumped on by a dog.
  4. All dogs must be on a leash while attending the event.
  5. Retractable leashes are not allowed.
  6. No aggressive animals allowed.
  7. Be considerate of all other attendees and dogs, and staff.
  8. No fighting – humans or dogs.
  9. If your dog’s gets anxious around a lot of people or other dogs, please leave your pet at home.
  10. You must pick up after your pet, there will be waste stations on the event grounds.
  11. Bring water with you for your dog, there will be water points but is best to have your own water.
  12. If you dog is in heat, it is not permitted to attend the show. If you already purchased a ticket, your ticket will roll over to next year. Or you can still attend without your dog.
  13. All dogs should have a collar with tag on, ideally with contact details in case something happens.
  14. If your dog is unwell or suffering with any medical conditions that may be passed onto other dog’s they should definitely not be attending
  15. This event is rain or shine. Keep an eye on the weather and make sure you and your dog are properly prepared for a day out. We’ll have plenty of places to relax or grab some shade.
  16. Anyone seen mistreating their dog or handling it poorly will be immediately asked to leave the Texas Dog Fest. No dog will be allowed to participate if an inappropriate training device is being used. This includes electric shock collars, and choke chains.
  17. Be careful what you drop on the floor and in particular certain foods that are poisonous to dogs such as chocolate or raisins.
  18. Do not bring any glass to the event site.
  19. No outside human food or drinks allowed (besides water for your dog)
  20. The welfare of your dog and their behavior is your responsibility and your dogs must not be left unattended at any time.
  21. If they have any special needs or requirements please consider that before coming to the event.
  22. We do not allow any discrimination or hate of any kind, in person at the event, or on the web. 
  23. If you are a natural born smart ass please stay at home. It’s better than jail.
  24. Patrons can dress as comfortably as they want to due to the fact that it may be excessively hot. Bathing suits and pool attire will be allowed.
  25. No weapons of any kind are allowed at this event.

By attending the Texas Dog Fest you agree to these rules. These rules can be updated at any time with out notice.