Texas Dog Fest vendors must read these policies before attending the event.

  1. No refunds of any kind for any reason on vendor booths. Funds may transfer to next year.
  2. Just to make it clear there is no way to guarantee how many people are going to come to this event. We do our best to advertise and get people in the door. We cannot go out in public and force people to come to this event, and we are also unable to force attendees that do come to this event to spend money at this show. If you simply do not have a product that they like or cannot live without. Us or yourself cannot force them to buy your products it is against the law.
  3. Setup is on the same day of the event, before the event between 7am-10am
  4. Vendor must pay for booth online prior to the event. No at the door signups.
  5. Vendor is required to bring all items they will need for their booth such as table, chairs, tent. Nothing will be provided except for the space.
  6. Electricity is available, no wifi.
  7. No human food or drink vendors allowed.
  8. Texas Dog Fest reserves the right to evict any vendor.
  9. Texas Dog Fest is rain or shine.
  10. Texas Dog Fest is not responsible for theft or damage to anything brought onto the premises. Anything left on the property is done so entirely at
    the individual’s own risk.
  11. Texas Dog Fest and Eventtex are not responsible if anyone is bitten, scratched, or jumped on by a dog.
  12. Pictures on website may or may not represent actual event, pictures are for illustrative purposes only.
  13. Texas Dog Fest reserves the right to prohibit the sale of any item or service we believe to be detrimental to the operation of the Texas Dog Fest.
  14. Vendor must comply with all Federal, State, and Local sales laws while at the Texas Dog Fest event.
  15. Vendor must not conduct games of chance, skill, raffles, lotteries or auctions without written approval. You must be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, or church organization.
  16. Vendor must sweep and remove all trash from their space throughout the day and keep trash bags on hand for excess trash. Boxes and large items should be broken down and stacked neatly next to a trash barrel. Your space should be clean before you leave.

With payment of booth space, the vendor agrees to follow the current operating vendor rules which can change without notice.